Pipe Camp

icons by rosie_b

Pipe Camp - icons by rosie_b
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Welcome to pipecamp, the community where I (libbyish) post my icons.

The name "Pipe Camp" comes from an episode of the television series Tom Goes To The Mayor.

libbyish is the only user with posting access. Please don't ask for it.

If you like what you see, please friend the community! I like to know how many people like what I make, and which subjects they prefer, for reference in future iconmaking.
1. Credit all icons taken from this community to pipecamp or libbyish.
2. No hotlinking. Upload all images to your own server.
3. Do not modify any graphics posted here in any way. The textless icons I post are not to be used as bases.
4. Don't claim to have made any of the graphics posted here.
5. Don't make requests UNLESS I specify that I am taking requests in an individual post.
6. Don't redistribute the stuff I post here, even on Xanga or myspace. If you want to use one of these as a forum avatar or another journal site, though, just let me know and credit me.
7. Don't be a dickhead.
To be added at a later date.
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